Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Words of Ink

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I stare at words of ink,
Trying to say what I think.
The words stuck in my mind,
They don't fall into line.
Use this one or that one?
Should I leave them alone?
Is my story any good?
Have I told it as I should?

I stare at words of ink,
Trying to say what I think.
The words stuck in my mind,
I can't keep them in line.
Shouldn't have used that one;
Should have left them alone.
My story isn't any good;
Haven't told it as I should.

I stare at words of ink,
Trying to say what I think.
The words stuck in my mind
Need help staying in line.
Use this one or that one?
Can't decide all one.
My story may be good,
If I seek help as I should.

I stare at words of ink,
Trying to say what I think.
The words stuck in my mind,
God will bring into line.
Use this one or that one?
I'll learn from Him alone.
My story will be good;
He makes me be all I should.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cookies with Irma

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I was baking cookies when it happened. The lights flickered once, twice, three times. Then they went out altogether. Hurricane Irma had interrupted my baking.
   My cookies only had thirteen seconds left, and I pulled them out in the darkened kitchen. As the smells of peanut butter and M&Ms swirled around me, I heard my family discovering the power outage.
   "Mommy? Mommy, come here," Norah Beth called
   Noelle ran out of our room. "My light went out!"
   "What's wrong?" the boys asked, coming in from walking the dog.
   "Power's out," Mom told them and hurried find some candles.
   Later, we each ate a cookie, savoring the mixture of oats and peanut butter along with crunch of M&Ms. Bit as I ate mine, I wondered about the half a bowl of cookie dough sitting in the fridge.
   Night fell, and candles gleamed. Their faint light was all that we had. By it, we ate the cold chicken and veggie tray my older sisters had bought on their way home from work.
   After dinner, Katelyn and Miranda enjoyed their own cookies. It was a small reward for a worry-filled day, and soon afterwards, we all went to bed. We hoped to have power back by morning.
   But we were one family among the thousands without power the next day. As I settled down to my schoolwork, I thought again about the cookie dough. When church family  power showed up with an RV to rig up for the fridge and a few lamps, there was still no way to bake.
   Then, at about three o'clock, power came back on. Dad helped our friend unhook everything. As he pulled away, I took out the dough and preheated the oven. I ate my share of the cookies as I wrote this. Hurricane Irma's interruption in my life was over.
   I know Irma's interruptions were often worse then unbaked cookies, but I pray to God that they may all end in ways more wonderful than any cookie.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ladder Braid ~ The Waterfall Braid Series Pt. 6

Yes, I'm late. Yes, I've been late a lot lately. But at least, I'm posting, right? Right?
   Fine, be that way. I just won't share the new hairstyle I have for you. Well.... Maybe if you beg....
   I don't hear any begging.
   Ah! There it is. Let's get started then.

I haven't worn this in a while, but that doesn't mean I don't love it. This is an amazing hairstyle by any standards. Do it right, and it'll last all day. It also works for day or night. It does take some practice since it combines a waterfall braid and a lace braid, and the spacing may be tricky.

The Ladder Braid

  1. Make a deep part on your preferred side.
  2. About an inch down from the part, pick up a medium-sized section and divide it into three pieces. You should have top, middle, and bottom pieces.
  3. Do a waterfall braid around your head. There's a tutorial link below if you need it.
  4. Drop a few more pieces from the bottom pieces of the braid and then finish with a regular braid.
  5. About an inch and a half below where you started the waterfall braid, pick up a small section of loose hair and divide it into two sections. These will be your middle and bottom pieces.
  6. Pick up the first section you dropped from the waterfall braid This will be your top piece.
  7. Cross the top piece over the middle piece. You now have a new top and middle.
  8. Cross the bottom piece over the new middle. This gives you new middle and bottom pieces.
  9. Pick up the next section you dropped from the waterfall braid and add it to the top pieces. 
  10. Repeat step 7.
  11. Repeat steps 8-10 until you run out of dropped sections to add.
  12. Finish with a regular braid and secure with a ponytail.
 Yes, that was a lot. But only because I had to write it out. It's much faster when you've got it down. Promise.


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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Quick Post

So I know I didn't post last week. I do apologize, but life is crazy sometimes. Y'all know how it is. Anyway.... I don't have time for a real post so y'all are stuck with pictures again.

And that's all I got today. Bye, y'all!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mermaid Waterfall Braid ~ The Waterfall Braid Pt. 5 + Mini-talk

Okay, so I'm late posting again. What can I say? Yesterday was the eclipse; I was busy. But I promise I have a wonderful hairstyle to help make up for it.

Lovely, isn't it? Let me assure you it's not that hard, and it really is dream hair material. And comfortable. Did I mention comfortable? Just choose how you cross side and middle carefully in step 8.

A friend of mine wore this to her formal (similar to Prom). So it lasts too. Pretty much everything you want in a hairstyle. Now take a deep breath, and let's do this!

The Mermaid Waterfall Braid
  1. Brush hair and make a middle part or a slight side part.
  2. On the left side, start a rope waterfall braid. (There's a link to a tutorial below if you need it.)
  3. Continue the braid all the way to the back middle of the head.
  4. Stop adding hair and finish with a rope braid. Temporarily secure braid.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the right side of head.
  6. Remove the temporary ponytail holders.
  7. Pick up three of the four pieces from the rope braids at the base where they meet. You should have right, middle, and left pieces.
  8. Cross a side piece over the middle. This gives you a new middle and a new side.
  9. Cross the other side (from the original positions) over the new middle. This again gives you new middle and side pieces.
  10.  Pick up the remaining piece from the four rope braid pieces and add it to the new side from step 8 where you crossed pieces for the first time.
  11. Cross the entire piece including the added hair over the middle, giving you a new middle and side.
  12. Pick up the closest loose section from the waterfall rope braid and add it to the new side.
  13. Repeat step 11.
  14. Repeat steps 12 &1 3 alternating sides until you use all the loose pieces from the rope waterfall braids.
  15. Either ponytail right then, or finish with a regular braid and then ponytail.
And just like that we're done! Wasn't it fun? Yay! Now onto the mini-talk!
Curly Hair Care Mini-talk

Let's face it. Curly hair is a pain, y'all. Yes, it's pretty and has great grip. But it's also fussy and knotty. Very, very knotty. So what do you do?
  1. Don't brush. That just leaves you with a head full of frizz.
  2. Don't over-wash. That leaves it dry and frizzy.
  3. Don't touch. That puts oil and dirt from your hands on your hair and makes it, you guessed it, frizzy.
  4. Do wash twice over a week. This leaves your hair time to recover from the chemicals in shampoo.
  5. Do be carefully with products. Choose all-natural when you can and be carefully how much you use.
  6. Do let it be curly. It's tempting to straighten or braid wet, but the more your hair curls, the better it curls.
Hope some of this helps. Want any more? Let me know.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Changes in my Life

Tomorrow is my sister, Norah Beth's birthday, but it is something else as well.

 It's my eighteenth. And it'd kind of scary. I can't get my head around it. Eighteen. Yeah, scary.
   I mean, I don't feel any older than when I started this blog three years ago. But then I look back, and I see so many changes.
  1. We got a dog, Cooper. He's a big, beautiful, and very hairy golden retriever who loves his people.
  2. We moved. We now live closer to family and also have more space.
  3. I no longer flaunt my skill at hair. I still use it, but I try not to boast about it.
  4. I have four writing projects. I love them all, but sometimes I think they'll never be done.
  5. I'm more willing to listen to criticism. Sometimes I still try to argue with it though.
  6. My relationship with God is stronger. I haven't always sought Him, but He has always sought me.
I know some of this may seem small, but it's all God's work in my life. That makes it pretty huge, don't y'all think?