Thursday, November 10, 2016

Interview with Jonathan Hubbard

   I think Jonathan maybe my favorite Time Captive. So I was thrilled when Morgan said I could interview him. Hope you enjoy it too.

1. I know you've read several of my favorite authors, including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Who is your favorite?
Tolkien’s great and I love Lord of the Rings and all, but C.S. Lewis will always be my favorite. *shrugs* I read Narnia first. Besides, I relate more to Narnia. Frodo and Sam are fantastic, but they belonged to Middle Earth. The Pevensies and Digory and Polly and Jill and Eustace all came from our world. I can like Lord of the Rings, but I can be Narnia. I like E. Nesbit and George MacDonald too, but C.S. Lewis is the best.

2. Would you say his/her books prepared you for your adventures as a Time Captive?
Definitely. No, Calhortea isn’t exactly like Narnia, and no, our story isn’t just like the Pevensies, but I can’t imagine coming here without having any idea of what it would be like to go to a fantasy world—or even any idea that fantasy worlds might exist. I feel sorry for everyone who came here before Narnia came out.

3. What were the benefits of being a Time Captive beyond the obvious?
The obvious of not being able to die, or the obvious of getting to go to a fantasy world? The biggest benefit is getting to go to a fantasy world. Well, that’s probably not the right answer. The right answer is that we get to help people and fight for their freedom. But we couldn’t do that if we hadn’t come to a fantasy world, now could we?

4. What were the cons?
We couldn’t ever change, a lot of people hate us, and we spent a long time in the dungeon. Then there’s the fact that we can die now that we’re all together—now that we’re finally facing war. But it’s all worth it.

5. Would you change anything you've done in your adventures?
Well…I would say spend less time in the dungeon, except that the ones who didn’t haven’t exactly had the best time. Other than forty years in the dungeon, though, it’s all gone pretty well. There isn’t anything I’ve done that really made a huge negative impact.

6. What was the hardest part?
Waiting. Well, we haven’t fought the war yet. I’m sure that’ll be hardest once we come to it, which will be soon, but right now, the worst part has been waiting in the dungeon for forty years. The Pevensies didn’t have to sit around in a dungeon for forty years before they could fight the White Witch, and I’m jealous of them for that. They got it over and done with, and then they had fifteen years of mostly peace for the Golden Age of Narnia. And the rest of them didn’t have to wait either. Though Jill and Eustace always left (or died) when their quest was over.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review of Cannig Castle

I have read all of Morgan's books, and Cannig Castle is her best. She masterfully ties the threads into a complex knot of a climax. Though I'd say that the biggest knot was in my stomach as I watched Eleanor accepted her past, Adriel risk everything, and Jonathan lead troops. Then it all came together to rip me apart emotionally. I loved it.
   Since Crieghton Hill, I've wondered how the Hubbards' story would end. Buut I never saw it coming. Morgan beautifully brought closure but still left openings for new books. (Hint, hint.) And, oh! How my fan-girl was messed with. Teasing, teasing author!
   All in all, Cannig Castle is a fastinating read for all ages. Now I just need Morgan's next book.

Be sure to check in Thursday for my interview with Jonathan Hubbard.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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