Friday, January 30, 2015

Lessons from my Glasses

  Saturday I got glasses. Through them God has taught me some awesome things. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. 

Lesson 1  Cheaters really don't prosper.
When I was younger, I cheated on eye exams at the doctor's. This masked the problem for awhile, but in the long run made it worse.

Lesson 2  Listen to others.
If I had listened at the doctor's, I might not have this problem or it wouldn't be so bad.

Lesson 3  Talk with others.
I should have spoken up instead of cheating. My problem would've been tended to years ago.

lesson 4  Be grateful for the small things.
My eye problem is pretty bad but not life changing. Thanks be to God; I'm not going blind. My life will go on much like before.

Lesson 5  Help changes everything.
Just like my glasses change the way I see things, God changes the way I see life. Without Him, everything blurs.

Lesson 6  Actually see the details.
Without glasses I can't see details. But what's worse, without God I can't see the details He puts in my life. I miss so much that way. 

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