Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Difference

   It sometimes seems like I get in more trouble for what I didn't do than for what I did do. (If that makes any sense, point for you.) I forget a responsibility, a school assignment, or something. It's not what I did that's the problem; it's what I didn't do. It's like that with God too.
   On the Cross, Jesus took the sins of the world. The price of that sin has been paid in full and is gone for ever. It's not what the world did that keeps them out of Heaven; it's what it didn't do: accept Jesus Christ as Savior. That's all that stands between the world and eternity with God.
   Because of what it didn't do, the world is going to Hell. Jesus has this amazingly awesome, totally free gift for them, but they didn't accept it.
  You see, the only difference between us and the world is our answers to Jesus' offer of salvation. It's what we did and what they didn't do about Jesus' choice. That's the only difference. The world didn't, but we did through Jesus' death. Jesus loves both. He died for both. He offers salvation to both, but they didn't and we did.
   This isn't grounds for us to look down on the world. This isn't to make us look smarter than or above the world. No, it is to remind us that once we were the same, that there is little difference between us and the world. From dirt we all came, and to dirt we will all return. The only real  difference is where, and with Who, our souls will spend eternity.
   We are to point the world to Jesus, to show the difference. Are we?  

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