Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Believe and Call

   I believe; help my unbelief! 
~Mark 9: 24 b

   We all believe something. It's what we believe that matters. Some believe that life's an accident; others that it's the result of an all-powerful god no one can know. Still others there are many gods or that we ourselves are gods. It may not be true, but what a person believes matters.
   We also all have unbelief. Unbelief in something means that you believe a thing is not real and never could be. My unbelief in macro-evolution means I believe it isn't real and never could be. Our unbelief is important, not only for us but also to God.
   Sometimes we have false unbelief. Something that could happen is thought to to be impossible. God desires to help us with such unbelief. He is completely able to; He could just take it away. But He doesn't. He wants us to call on Him for help because doing so reminds us of our dependence on Him.
   So call. Nothing stops you except yourself. Believe He can do it and call. Don't wait 'til you find an area of unbelief. Call now. He knows your unbelief, even if you don't. Simply call.

I believe; help my unbelief!
~ Mark 9: 24 b   

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