Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Perfect Messy Braid

   Seriously, is it just me, or are messy braids everywhere these days? And it's no wonder! They're comfortable to wear, easy to do, and go with anything. (Though I wouldn't suggest pairing one with a prom dress.)  I wear it at least once a week, using my natural curls as a base. If you don't have curly hair, just curl your hair the day before, sleep on 'em, and then do this braid.
   I don't have a picture this time around 'cause messy braids look a little different each time. If y'all must have one, go google it.

The Perfect Messy Braid

1- Make a deep side part.
2- Gather all you hair onto the opposite shoulder from your new part.
3- Behind that shoulder begin to do a reserve braid, slightly off center. To reserve braid simply divide hair into three pieces, cross the right piece under the middle one, cross the right piece under the new middle one, and repeat.
4- Reserve braid about four time, then pull braid over your shoulder .
5- Finish with a normal braid, and secure with a holder.
6- Starting at the top, STRETCH OUT the length of the braid. The more you stretch, the better

Variations- Start with a normal braid & end with a reverse braid. Start with a reverse fishtail braid & end with a normal fishtail braid, or vice versa. OR braid it however you want, secure with a small ponytail, &  twist it up to make a Messy Braided Bun.

   As always, leave a comment if you need help, and Happy Hairstyling!!!

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