Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cooper and the Holy Spirit

   This is Cooper. (Actually, it's Cooper and my younger brother Kendal,  but that's beside the point.)

   Cooper has two great desires. The first one is to be  loved by us, his people, and the second is to protect us from all danger. He is willing to bring us joy and comfort when we need it. He is willing to both warn and guard us. He loves to give joy but stands firm in danger.
   The Holy Spirit is similar. He prompts us to praise and worship God, thus giving us joy. He wants us to love Him because that is what is best for us. When sin - danger - draws near, He warns us. He guards us in time f trouble. These are His two great desires, for us to love Him and to protect us.
   If I listen to Cooper, I know when someone is coming. If I listen to the Holy Spirit, I know when sin is tempting. I don't do it perfectly. Sometimes I tell Him to hush like I do to Cooper and sin in doing so. I grieve Him. (See Eph. 4:30.)  But I try to listen to Him more everyday.
   Do you? As Easter comes closer, we should all ask this question. Do I truly try to listen to the Holy Spirit?  Or do I tell Him to hush like He is just a noisy dog?

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