Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Legolas' LotR Hairstyle

    Okay, I admit it. I am totally the reason Legolas says this. But at least I'm not only one. (And Faye, didn't I get you on this one? You weren't expecting this!)  What can we say? He has the BEST facial expressions!

See what I mean? 

   Seriously though, Legolas's style is probably the most practical in this whole series! Most of the others are too time-consuming and complicated for everyday wear. (Speaking of others, I've touched up Galadriel's Waves in case any of y'all had trouble with the heat method.)

Legolas' LotR Hairstyle

1- Brush hair back so that you have no part-line.
2- Section off the top layer of hair and braid it in the back. You should leave about an inch of loose hair above each ear.
3- On the left side, pick up a small section of hair and divide it into three parts.
4- Cross the bottom section over the middle one. You now have new middle and bottom sections.
5- Cross the top section over the new middle one. You now have new top and middle sections.
6- Repeat step 4.
7- Add a small piece of loose hair to the top section, and then cross it all over the middle section. You now have new top and middle sections.
8- Repeat steps 6-7 five more times. Be sure to add hair only to the top.
9- Stop adding hair and finish with a regular braid.
10- Repeat steps 3-9 on the right side.

You may have click the picture to be able to read the caption.

   Have fun with this. Who's your favorite LotR character? Leave me a comment and tell me!


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  2. This is awesome! I just about died laughing over that meme (:

    You knew I would!!


  3. Oh, and my favourite character is Arwen Evenstar!