Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Espionage Blog Tour


   Yes, I know I didn't post last week. I was trying to figure something out, but that doesn't matter right now. This post is about something WAY more exciting than my technology struggles. Morgan published her fourth book yesterday! And I get to be part of her blog tour. Would you believe my sister Katelyn is posting three times this week for the tour!
   Espionage is a companion to her Time Captives Trilogy. (I'm still waiting for the last of those books, Morgan!)

   So, Morgan was really sweet and let me interview Sir Roland, an important character. (Do you hear the sarcasm on the word 'sweet', Morgan?)

Interview with Sir Roland:

What is your opinion of strytes?
The strytes are just like other people, except for one thing: They are willing to do what it takes to get what they want, and they're successful at it. The strytes of Calhortz have proven that. They had suffered for so long, having been exiled to Chalton, but they they overcame it. They took the land they wanted, and their standard of living raised dramatically. I think we should all take a lesson from the strytes.

Who do you think would be the best leader for your country?
Myself. Court is fairly evenly divided on issues, but neither side has someone strong enough to lead in a position of leadership. I would do what is takes to make this country great again. I don't have the same qualms that Cumberland has about following his strict code of morality. I'll do whatever it takes.

What is your opinion of Sir Cumberland and his family?
He should take his self-righteous family values attitude out of Court. He thinks he's so much better for bring his daughter along. We're not suppose to have children in court. Does anyone else do it? No. He's always acting like he puts his family first, but I think he does it for show. He's too self-righteous about it for it not to be for show.

Do you hope your son, Kyle, will follow in your footsteps?
Naturally. Why would I be so strict about his education otherwise? He's my heir, he'd better uphold the Roland legacy. I haven't spent enough time with him, though. He despises me, and so he's likely to go the other direction out of rebellion. Children are such trouble.

What are your plans for the future?
To continue fighting in Court. Cumberland wants t give the people more power, and I can't allow that. Commoners can't govern themselves. It's never been done, and they can't possibly have the capacity to do what we do. If they had they way, they'd probably be against the Calhortan Alliance, considering all the prejudice against the strytes. They don't know what's good for  them, but I do. That's why I'm a vassal lord.

  Please be awesome readers and check out Morgan's books. Oh! Also, Sir Roland's son, Kyle, was mention in the interview above. Katelyn is doing an interview with him, the lucky girl! Do go and read it.


  1. Well, sowry, this book has a small cast. And I thought Sir Roland would be WAY more interesting in an interview than Sir Cumberland. Maybe I'll let you pick your character for Crannig Castle. ;) Thanks for participating in the blog tour, though. I did enjoy writing this interview, even though Sir Roland isn't the nicest guy ever. (actually, not even close) :) (it's actually my fifth book, though. I know, crazy, right?)

    1. Can I do the annoying younger brother?

    2. Which annoying younger brother?

  2. My interview with Kyle won't be out until Thursday :) Morgan did a guest lost on extreme research sessions today.