Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Inkling Adventures Visuals

   So right now, I'm off at camp and not even thinking about this blog. Yes, I know, I know, I need to work on my book. What can I say? I needed a break!
   But I wanted to post this week, so I just wrote it up in advance. Morgan gave me the idea for this post a awhile back. I googled for pictures of my book characters and came up with the following. Unfortunately, I couldn't find pictures for Priss's dad, Minnew's mother, Daynin the Blue, or Micaiah the Brown. But this is what I did get, and I think y'all will agree it's plenty!

So this is Priss Chancing. She usually doesn't wear armor, but I love this picture of her!

This is Minnew Riversong, Priss's elven best friend.

This is Rihnele Lostseeker, Minnew's cousin. And his ears actually aren't pierced. :(~

This Minnew's father, Lamsor. (He has a last name, but I don't remember it.)

This is Zaltin the Black, bad guy supreme. I had such fun with him. 
This is Rudled, a Night Wizard. Second creepiest guy in the book!

This is Ginger, an Experimenter/spy. I love the way her hair echoes her fire powers.

Though I never said Norin smokes a pipe, it just seemed like the dwarven thing for him to do in his picture.

Liranele's past is a secret, so y'all will just have to wait to find out about her.

Nyre Anele is my favorite place in The Land!

Nyre Anele's Hall of Feasts witnesses some of the book's best scenes.

The Hall of Fire is in many ways at the heart of the story.

I would love to spend a month in the Hall of Learning. So many books!

Udrom Fortress is a place of evil and darkness but was super fun to write about!

Random creepy hallway? I think a lot of Udrom is like this.
Clearwater Mansion has some of the more sickening parts of the book and is home to  my least favorite character.

The unnamed underground stronghold was a surprise even to me.

Underground fortresses have lots of fun details, like this one. 

The door to Rudled's Lair looks similar to this only it's black and made of iron.

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