Saturday, January 5, 2019

2018 Goals Reviewed

Hey, look, y'all! I'm alive.
   Retail work during holidays left me with zero energy but produced this strange thing called "money". But I'm back now, and I hope to get on top of posting regularly again. Right now, it's time to review the goals I set for 2018. Here goes nothing!

  1. Graduate High School ~ Check. At least I did that.
  2. Rewrite Inkling Adventures ~ Um.. where is that? All I did for it this year was some planning. That's better than nothing, right?
  3. Finish draft one of Lady Bloodhawk ~ I picked it up yesterday for the first time I can even remember. So... no.
  4. Publish The Kingdom of Fire and Ice ~ I didn't do that either, but I added 45k words to it. It's a better story for that, so I still consider this a success.
  5. Do a short hair series ~ I think there was one, maybe two posts. And now my hair's grown out again. Oh well.
Well, that's about the same as 2017's goals.

1 comment:

  1. That's pretty good, honestly! At least you can still remember what goals you set...I can't even remember if I set any!! ):