Tuesday, August 16, 2016

17 for 17

  My seventeenth birthday is almost here. In fact, it's Tuesday. Today. That fact is made even scarier by the fact that my youngest sister, Norah Beth, is six today as well.

Us at Christmas last year

   Over the course of my (short) life, I've picked up a few things. Allow me to share seventeen of them.

1.) Sin is big, but God is bigger.
2.) Family has an unique and special place in our lives.
3.) A good book is better than gold.
4.) Real friends aren't afraid to correct.
5.) No matter how good my plan is, God's is better.
6.) A good read and quality literature can be two different things.
7.)Reaching dreams requires sacrifice.
8.) Love is a way of life, not just a word.
9.) God blesses in ways we don't realize.
10.) Writing is a power to be used carefully.
11.) There's no better book than the Bible.
12.)Doing your best is perfect.
13.) Beauty is being yourself.
14.) Joy can'y be bought.
15.) God does everything for a purpose.
16.) A good song is a gift from God.
17.) You live each moment only once.

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  1. Happy Birthday Moriah!! I miss you so much!