Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thus Endeth the First Braid Series


   Yes, I know. I should have used this picture back in this post, but I didn't think to search for it. Anyway, today marks the recap and end of my LotR/Hobbit Hairstyle Series. I've enjoyed doing a series, especially since it relieved the headache of coming up with posts.
   But now it's OVER!! Cue my death! (Ha! Ha! Sorry to disappoint y'all. I'm not dying until I've published my books!) Now there is only the recap with variations to be done. (Sssh, but there's a reward at the end for those who stick around.)

Galadriel's Waves was the first post in this series and by far the easiest. Y'all could use her waves for  Eowyn's waves or use a different type of braid to change the waves' look.

Arwen's Helm's Deep Hairstyle is one of the most complicated but so beautiful! Y'all could change the number of braids used to form the big braid or change the number of strands in the big braid. Either one would make it easier. Y'all could also leave out the the lace braids.

Legolas' LotR Hairstyle is the most popular of all my posts ever! His hairstyle is pretty simple, but y'all could change the big braid's strand number or change the lace braids to french, dutch, or regular braids.

Arwen's Flight to the Ford Hairstyle was fun, but did anybody else notice that Arwen's posts have the longest titles? Change this one by using a different braid or by braiding the braids together.

Tauriel's Hairstyle is the other complicated braid. Changing is rather hard, but y'all could always use different braids (e.g. regular braids instead of rope braids).

Legolas' Hobbit Hairstyle was actually my favorite. As always, y'all could change the braids to different ones. Same thing with the lace braids as above in Legolas's other one.

   And now for y'all reward.... TWO funny pictures!


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