Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Song of Redwall

So a while back, I did a post recommending the Redwall Series. My family loves them! Well... Today I'm back with more encouragement to read the series.

Seriously, y'all, these are some of the best. Clean, adventurous, and so funny. Take the hares, for example. They're as dangerous with a spoon as they are with a weapon. Don't believe me? The song below is sung by a hare in Rakkety Tam.  Read it... if only for the laughs.

I wake up in the mornin', so glad the night is past,
it's straight down to the table, to beak my flippin' fast.
O Breakfast! Breakfast! Us chaps must have some breakfast,
there's oatmeal honey toast an' tea, an' seconds just for me!

When I finish brekkers, I hang around the kitchen,
the smell of vittles cookin' is gettin' quite bewitchin'.
Luncheon! Luncheon! That's wot I'll soon be munchin',
on soup 'n' salad chomp an' chew, I think I should eat two!

The afternoon's a desert, I wait impatiently,
until I hear the cook call, he's serving noontime tea.
O Teatime! Teatime! An utterly sublime time,
each dainty cake an' homely scone, I'm first in line for one!

When chaps race to the table, it's always me the winner,
I'm fairly famished as a frog, when I run into dinner.
O Dinner! Dinner! My figure ain't much thinner,
I lick at both my plate an' paw, then I yell out fore more!

I'm starvin' flippin' hungry, oh isn't it a crime,
that interval from dinner, to good old suppertime.
Supper! Supper! How super, serve 'er up, sir,
then pack some scoff up good 'n' tight, to take to bed tonight!

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