Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Priss' Prophecy

   Is it really October 21st already? Oh yikes! I've neglected my blog and y'all for way too long. It's been almost a month since my last posting. (If that's the correct term.) And speaking of neglect, I haven't done anything about my book, Inkling Adventures, in awhile either. Let's remedy both of these problems right now.
   The first half of my book is guided by a prophecy about my main character, Priss . Of course, it's very important to the storyline and should give you a glimpse into my creation.

As two are made one,
A new fate is begun.
The only child shall rise
and fight for earth's prize.
Elflings shall hear the call;
The Black forever will fall.
Deepest dark they will face,
Seeking to match evil's pace.
Freedom they will defend, 
With blood it shall end.
The broken made whole;
The lost gain its soul.
One,through trials of fire,
Shall find his sire.
This the greatest cost,
A father shall be lost.
For eyes truth will open,
After the heart is broken.

  Who are the two? What new fate is begun? What is earth's prize? Who are the elflings? Will evil's pace be matched? Who are the broken and the lost? Why will the heart be broken? 
Find out in Inkling Adventures, coming Spring 2016!
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