Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Dragon's Skin: The Second of the Dragon Books

I got a sudden inspiration for a new book last night, and have started work on it. Hopefully it lasts, lol
Via Pinterest

So I'm not sharing plot or anything right now, but I'm super excited. I'm figuring some of it out. As always, the starting point was hard. But the Dragon Books are just so awesome in my eyes (yes, I may be bias), so I stuck and am moving forward.
  For anyone, who doesn't know, this is the sequel to The Dragons' Stones. Its working title is The Dragon's Skin, and I hope that it will stick. I'm plotting horrible things for Ciara, Aleksander, and the good ship Ciarander.

Stay tuned!

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P.S. Check out the label THE KINGDOM OF FIRE AND ICE for info about the first dragon book.

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