Tuesday, July 25, 2017

God's Joy

Last week, I mentioned that I was at camp with Miranda and Sawyer. To be more specific, I was at Joni and Friends Knoxville Family Retreat. And. It. Was. AWESOME!
   See, Family Retreat is for families with members who have disabilities. It's for families who spend everyday being different. And it's their one week without that, without all the looks that say "You're weird". Most of them come in exhausted from a hard year, and all they need is God and love.
   That's the job of STMs like me. we try for one week to show them God and give them love. To let them be normal for one week. It takes everything we have and then a lot from God to do it. It's the longest, hardest week of my summer.
   So why do I go? Why do I raise four hundred dollars to spend a week working so hard? Why?
   Because of the joy. That's what Family Retreat is. God's Joy.


P.S. Missed last year's camp post? No problem! Here it is.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures!

Ssh! I'm not here.

I'm really not. I'm actually at camp with Miranda and Sawyer. But y'all deserve a post. So here are some pictures I've picked up. Enjoy!

P.S. Other funny pictures can be found in the LotR/Hobbit Series.