Sunday, September 1, 2019

One, Final Post

Thank You For Your Part In My Journey, But I Must Say Good Bye Now...
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Hey, so I've started a new blog. This one has been great, and I'm thankful for the place it's held. But it really isn't serving my purpose anymore. I mean, I don't blog about hair or braids any longer. That's part of this blog's name.

Plus, I want to shed my pen name, RhoXie Mans. I've used that on more than three-fourths of my posts on this blog.

So, if you're interested, please head over to my new blog: Moriah Snell Writes. I'd love to see you there.

Good bye.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Regrann from @between.mirrors -  BABY DRAGON ON A BLACK CRYSTAL EMBROIDERED VELVET JACKET for #GucciFW18 by Creative Director #AlessandroMichele and Visual/Special FX Studio #Makinarium  Inspired by LEGEND OF THE BABY DRAGON IN THE JAR, a hoax staged by a British author who in 2004 said to have found a dragon in a jar. #BetweenMirrors  ƑØLLØᙛ ► @Between.Mirrors - #dragons #arttoys #darksurrealism #popsurrealism #creatures #beautifulbizarre  #horrorfan #toyart #Contemporaryart #newcontemporary...
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Firebreather from the mountain,
What brought you hungry from your home?
Where is your mother who birthed you?
Where is your father who protected you?

Firebreather from the mountain,
Why did you first flight turn into a fall?
Where was your father to teach you?
Where was your mother to comfort you?

Firebreather from the mountain,
Who taught you to run scared from me?
Where is your mother to embolden you?
Where is your father to train you?

Firebreather from the mountain,
What stole your race’s freedom from you?
Where is your mother who birthed you?
Where is your father who protected you?

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Dragon's Skin: The Second of the Dragon Books

I got a sudden inspiration for a new book last night, and have started work on it. Hopefully it lasts, lol
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So I'm not sharing plot or anything right now, but I'm super excited. I'm figuring some of it out. As always, the starting point was hard. But the Dragon Books are just so awesome in my eyes (yes, I may be bias), so I stuck and am moving forward.
  For anyone, who doesn't know, this is the sequel to The Dragons' Stones. Its working title is The Dragon's Skin, and I hope that it will stick. I'm plotting horrible things for Ciara, Aleksander, and the good ship Ciarander.

Stay tuned!

Want to know more or see my inspiration? Check out the Dragon Books Pinterest board right here.

P.S. Check out the label THE KINGDOM OF FIRE AND ICE for info about the first dragon book.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

5 Things I do as a Writer

Now, I am not - repeat, NOT - the poster child for anyone's writing routine. I kinda just do the writing thing and pray it works out. That's it, more or less. So please don't model yourself after me.
   I stand by that disclaimer, but I would also like to share a few things I do that I think help me. Hopefully, one or two will be helpful for someone else.
  1. PULL MY HAIR BACK. Is it just me, or does having hair out of the way remove one more distraction? It also feels more serious, so I take what I'm doing more seriously.
  2. I GO BACK AND CAPITALIZE  THE WORD "WAS". This is one of my favorite editing hacks. It helps me find weak sentences and really think through what I've written.
  3. I LET A FEW FRIENDS READ AS I'M WRITING. My besties read as I write, and it's sooo great!! They give me my first feedback, fangirl over everything, and help with title ideas.
  4. I TALK IT OUT. Writing can be lonely. But a couple of my brothers are such blessing and listen when I need it. This gives me unique brainstorming opportunities. Plus, one of them always sees things in ways I never do.
  5. I READ BOOKS THAT MAKE ME FEEL HEAVY. Examples would be The Book Thief  and The Return of the King. These books have writing that is galaxies beyond even my best efforts and push me forward.
Hope someone finds this helpful. I'm off to Inkling Adventures, Book One.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Update + Announcement

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Don't know if I mentioned this, but I'm bring brave right now. I'm re-titling The Kingdom of Fire and Ice.
   See, Games of Thrones' first book is Fire and Ice. That series and my book are both medieval fantasy involving dragons. So I'm bouncing ideas for a new title back and forth with some friends. There's nothing final right now, but I like The Dragons' Stones.
   Also *cue trumpets* I have an announcement!!

There are plans for a sequel to what was The Kingdom of Fire and Ice.

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The way the book ended left it so very open to a sequel that I can't resist. Plus I have a friend who's seriously a fangirl of this story and demands more. So we'll see more of Aleksander and Ciara one day.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Goals of 2019

25 Life Quotes & Inspirational Life Lessons To Live By In 2019 | YourTango
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Apparently, wanting post regularly and actually posting regularly are two separate things. Go figure.
   Be that as it may, I do have a post for this week. It feels a little late set my yearly goals, but I find it helpful to write them out. Yes, I know I miss most of them, but still....
  1. Possibly start a new blog ~ I've been toying with this for a bit. Mostly it's because I may drop my pen name, which appears at the bottom of most posts, and because I don't really do braids anymore.
  2. Go to Joni and Friends again ~ I hope to volunteer at the Knoxville, TN Family Retreat again as a Short Term Missionary. This will be my fourth year, and it remains a yearly miracle in my life.
  3. Start college ~ I would love to get two semesters in, but I'll praise God for whatever He brings in this.
  4. Write 55,000 words ~ I wrote around 50k in 2018. That's the most I've ever done, and I'm determine to top it. 55k should get me through Lady Bloodhawk-Draft One and about halfway through Inkling Adventures-Rewrite, Book One.
Four goals, twelve months. (Okay, eleven.) Here's to God's plan

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