Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Goals of 2019

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Apparently, wanting post regularly and actually posting regularly are two separate things. Go figure.
   Be that as it may, I do have a post for this week. It feels a little late set my yearly goals, but I find it helpful to write them out. Yes, I know I miss most of them, but still....
  1. Possibly start a new blog ~ I've been toying with this for a bit. Mostly it's because I may drop my pen name, which appears at the bottom of most posts, and because I don't really do braids anymore.
  2. Go to Joni and Friends again ~ I hope to volunteer at the Knoxville, TN Family Retreat again as a Short Term Missionary. This will be my fourth year, and it remains a yearly miracle in my life.
  3. Start college ~ I would love to get two semesters in, but I'll praise God for whatever He brings in this.
  4. Write 55,000 words ~ I wrote around 50k in 2018. That's the most I've ever done, and I'm determine to top it. 55k should get me through Lady Bloodhawk-Draft One and about halfway through Inkling Adventures-Rewrite, Book One.
Four goals, twelve months. (Okay, eleven.) Here's to God's plan

Find my new blog here.

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  1. That all sounds wonderful! I'd love to see your new blog...as much as I will miss your hair tutorials. You were the one who first got me into that sort of thing, you know! I think the only thing now that you can do and I can't it probably the five strand and waterfall braids. (;