Tuesday, October 23, 2018

D.C Trip

End of September, my parents and I went to Washington, D.C. I've never been there before, so it was pretty awesome. Also, I don't get extended one-on-one time with my parents very much (#largefamily), and this trip was probably the biggest dose of that I've ever had.

I saw a lot of neat things, and while I'm not huge on pictures or videos, I do have some for y'all. Admittedly, they are from the National Zoo, which was my favorite part.

I know the quality is horrible, but this little guy was SO cute! So watch it anyway. PLEASE!!

A Meekrat
I have more somewhere. I know I do, and it's slightly annoying because I have amazing pics and funny otter videoes. Oh, well maybe next time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

KoFaI Snippet

This is from my WIP The Kingdom of Fire and Ice. I just topped 45k words, and it's still going strong. Enjoy!

medieval ship fantasy - Recherche Google
Via Pinterest

She tried again. Prepared for the wind’s forcefulness, she made it this time. A minute later, she had the rope. A second passed, then two and three.
Come on, Ciara, I thought. Come on! Then it happened. The sail went slack. The force pushing against the rudder eased. I found I could breathe again, not even sure when I stopped.
For a moment, lightning lit up the sky, but as thunder boomed, I couldn’t find Ciara. She wasn’t at the starboard railing. Panic filled me worse than the rain filled my eyes.
“Ciara! Ciara!” I yelled her name, but only the pounding rain and waves answered me.
“Ciara, where are you? Answer me!”
Wind howled in my ears, drowning out any other sound. Then it just stopped. The waves shrunk, and the rain slowed. I stood up, my eyes searching for Ciara. But she wasn’t on the Aegir.
“Aleksander, help!”
My eyes ran over the deck again. She wasn’t there. The blood at my temples pounded. I realized the truth.
“Help me -

Ciara was somewhere in the water. Blocked by the darkness, I couldn’t see her. But I knew I could hear her.