Sunday, September 1, 2019

One, Final Post

Thank You For Your Part In My Journey, But I Must Say Good Bye Now...
Via Pinterest

Hey, so I've started a new blog. This one has been great, and I'm thankful for the place it's held. But it really isn't serving my purpose anymore. I mean, I don't blog about hair or braids any longer. That's part of this blog's name.

Plus, I want to shed my pen name, RhoXie Mans. I've used that on more than three-fourths of my posts on this blog.

So, if you're interested, please head over to my new blog: Moriah Snell Writes. I'd love to see you there.

Good bye.

1 comment:

  1. I love your new blog, but I will certainly miss this one very much! I've been following and reading your blog for years now, and it still contains one of my sweetest birthday presents ever! But I look forward to all the new wonderfulness of your new blog too. <3