Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sneaking a Peek

So let's do a bit from The Kingdom of Fire and Ice because I don't really know what else to do, but I want to post and it seems like a good idea.

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“Guards are waiting at the bottom to escort you to the great hall,” Marva told me.
“So I don’t run.”
“So you don’t get lost.”
“Of course. That’s what Father was thinking.”
“Just… go.”
I breathed in and walked forward. Two steps later, I stood in unknown territory. I looked over my shoulder to Marva. She nodded, and I turned around. Slowly, I walked down the curving stairs. At the last step, twin guards bowed to me. “Your highness.”
I stepped down, and they took up positions beside me. Their chain mail rattled as they led me down the many hallways. People crowded the halls, but they all parted before us. As we passed, I could feel their stares and hear their murmurings.
“Is that -
- the princess -
“Thirteen princes came.”
Then the people fell away, and I could see beyond them to the main door. The door to the courtyard. I had never been there, and I wondered what it would be like out there, in the fresh air and the endless sky.
The guards walked me past it though. A minute later, we stood in front of the double doors to the great hall. Two more guards pulled them open. Through the widening crack, I could see into the hall-full of feasters.
They filled three long tables, and their jewels danced in the light of many fireplaces. But brightest of all were those who sat at the dais. I counted them. The king, his three advisers, and thirteen others. The princes, I thought. The doors opened fully, and the hall rose to its feet as one. The king raised his hand towards me and smiled for his guests.
“I present the crown princess, Ciara of Crosia!”
The feasters applauded, and I took slow measured steps up to the dais. I kept my head high, focusing on the swish of my white dress, but I could feel the eyes on me as I stopped before the king.
I curtsied low. “Father.”


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What's Up With Me

So this is a new kind of post. A round up of what I'm doing in my life. Hopefully it won't be boring.

What I'm reading:

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by Trenton Lee Stewart.
I'm not far into it, but it's interesting so far. A group of children and world stakes, that kind of thing.

What I'm writing:
This is an April Fools Day joke on Instagram
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We're about to hit 30k in word count here, and I still have two chapters at least to write.
Then there's editing, editing, editing. So fun-time!

How I'm fixing my hair:

Cute easy updo for work--no bobby pins required!
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Super easy and comfortable.
I wore it all day yesterday, and I have a half-up version in right now.
Anyone want a tutorial?

What I'm laughing at:

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Why does this make me laugh so hard every time I read this?
 It's soooo bad!

What I'm learning:
God's plan beats my plan.
End of story.
Now if I can just remember that when actually need to.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Where I am Now

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Some of y'all might have noticed that my last few posts have been about discouragement and then hope. That's kind of where I've been with my writing lately.
   Recently, I pretty much got hit upside my head with how much I don't know about the publishing world. And I really didn't know what to do. See I've had a plan for my life for about four years or so, and suddenly it all got turned upside down and inside out.
   It felt so scary to me, but God used it so amazingly. He made realize that He hasn't really had a place in my writing for a long time. Everything had been my plan, not His. And that was wrong.
   Now? Now I'm praying for my writing again and waiting for God to show me His will for these stories. And it's wonderful.