Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Legolas' Hobbit Hairstyle

   So... this is how my brothers think I am 24/7. I admit, they do have good reasons to do so. I am occasionally overprotective of my hair. (Okay, more than occasionally.) But I think if I had hair like Legolas I would have good reason. It is amazing in all five movies.

   Legolas' hair in The Hobbit movies is similar to his LotR style which makes it easier for me to tell you about. And that leaves me more time to ramble about how awesome Legolas is! (I'll spare y'all that though.)

Legolas' Hobbit Hairstyle

1- Brush hair so that it has no part-line.
2- Section off the top of the hair and divide it in half.
3- Cross a small piece of hair from the right half over to the left half.
4- Cross a small piece of hair from the left half over to the right half. You are now fishtail braiding.
5- Repeat steps 3&4 until the fishtail braid in completed. Then ponytail with a small holder.
6- Pick up a small piece of hair from above the right ear and divide it into three pieces. (For those of y'all who read Legolas' LotR Style, just do the ear braids taught in steps 3-10.)
7- Cross the top piece over the middle (which gives you a new top and a new middle) and then the bottom piece over the new middle (which gives you a new middle and a new bottom).
8- Add a small piece of loose to the top piece and then cross the top piece and the added hair over the middle. This gives you a new top and a new middle.
9- Cross the bottom over the new middle. This gives you a new middle and a new bottom. You are now lace braiding.
10- Repeat steps 8&9 five or six times.
11- Stop adding loose hair and finish with a regular braid. Ponytail the braid.
12- Repeat steps 8-11 above the left ear.

   And because the is one of my last chances, here's a funny picture Legolas' father...

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