Saturday, March 16, 2019

5 Things I do as a Writer

Now, I am not - repeat, NOT - the poster child for anyone's writing routine. I kinda just do the writing thing and pray it works out. That's it, more or less. So please don't model yourself after me.
   I stand by that disclaimer, but I would also like to share a few things I do that I think help me. Hopefully, one or two will be helpful for someone else.
  1. PULL MY HAIR BACK. Is it just me, or does having hair out of the way remove one more distraction? It also feels more serious, so I take what I'm doing more seriously.
  2. I GO BACK AND CAPITALIZE  THE WORD "WAS". This is one of my favorite editing hacks. It helps me find weak sentences and really think through what I've written.
  3. I LET A FEW FRIENDS READ AS I'M WRITING. My besties read as I write, and it's sooo great!! They give me my first feedback, fangirl over everything, and help with title ideas.
  4. I TALK IT OUT. Writing can be lonely. But a couple of my brothers are such blessing and listen when I need it. This gives me unique brainstorming opportunities. Plus, one of them always sees things in ways I never do.
  5. I READ BOOKS THAT MAKE ME FEEL HEAVY. Examples would be The Book Thief  and The Return of the King. These books have writing that is galaxies beyond even my best efforts and push me forward.
Hope someone finds this helpful. I'm off to Inkling Adventures, Book One.

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