Friday, October 31, 2014

Book Update

    So I finished my first book earlier this year. I hope to get it published by this time next year. Here's a preview.
       When my biology field trip gets interrupted by a minortaur, my life changed dramatically.
         Hi,my name is Priss Chancing, and I know something you'll never believe. I live a life most people don't think possible. I am an Inkling.
         My days are spent with elves and wizards.My past-time is fighting to save the world you live in. I risk my life regularly so the Dur Ones won't murder you.
         No, I'm not crazy; I am perfectly sane.I do not belong in an asylum.I am Priss Chancing, and I am an Inkling.

       Note: There should be an upside down /v/ over the /u/ in Dur.     

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