Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Book

   It's a new year, and I'm back! As y'all know, I write and am working on my second book. Today I'm giving y'all a sneak-peak. If you have some advice on how to improve it, please leave a comment with it.

    The girl glared at me over its shaggy shoulder," Would it be too much trouble for you to help?" Then it hit me; I held a knife which could hurt the beast. In front of me,its neck was exposed. Carefully, I prepared to plunge the knife into its neck.
     At that moment the beast disarmed the girl and turned to face me. Terrified, I faced it alone. It loomed over me, ax at the ready.  The ax swung towards me. I barely managed to it, but in the process I had moved in front of an oak..There seemed to be no way out of this.
        Instinctively, I obeyed. I rolled out of the way just before the beast's ax buried itself in the oak's trunk.With a powerful tug, the beast freed it. The momentum spun it around.
      Out of nowhere, a ball of blue energy whizzed by and stunned it.The effects lasted for only a few seconds.I moved towards the beast; it raised its ax. Before it swung, I darted 
forward and pushed my knife into its chest area.
       As the beast fell to the ground, a voice from behind me said,"Well done, Miss Prisscila,"    
       I turned to find Mr. Debleu, leaning on an iron staff and standing next to the girl. Confused and out of breath, I asked,"What just happened?"

   Keep reading for a post covering the middle part of my blog's title!


  1. "The ax swung towards me."

    When I first read this, I thougjt the ax was acting completely on its own. :p

    Is this taken from in the middle of a scene? I'm not exactly sure what's going on.