Saturday, March 28, 2015

Extra! Extra!

   Here we are, less than a week left in March, and yikes! the 'Books' section hasn't been covered this month. Maybe I could recommend a book. How about... oh, wait, I did that last time.I need something better, something...extra. I've got it!
   Once upon a time, not too very long ago, a man from Liverpool, England told a story to a group of children. From a story came a book; from that book came a series. The Redwall Series by Brain Jacques (pronounced 'Jakes') to be precise. The stories of Redwall Abbey and mighty Salamandastron give rise to be warriors, otter queens, and badger lords to defeat vermin warlords, corsair captains, and emperors; and that's only the beginning of it. A total of twenty-two books in this books in the well written series, they are available through Sequoyah Regional Library System and at Amazon and Thriftbooks.

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