Thursday, June 4, 2015

It Begins... Book Month!

   Hey, y'all, and welcome to Book Month. For all of this month, I'm only posting about books. I'll mainly do book recommendations, but there will be other stuff too. Here's an example: I finished the writing process on my book. Next up is editing and typing up.
   I was going to announce this month's theme back on Tuesday but never had the time to. So here's what today's post was suppose to be. Now, to officially kick off Book Month, a recommendation.

   In the Footsteps of Jesus by Bruce Marchiano is a wonderful auto-biology. It tells about Mr. Marchiano's experience acting the Son of God in The Gospel According to Matthew, how God prepared him for it, what it taught him, and how it changed him forever. I've lost count of the times I've read this book: it's just jam-packed with truths about Jesus and the Christian walk.Originally published almost twenty years ago, I'm not sure where you'd find it today.Amazon, Thriftbooks, and at Family Christian's website, maybe?     

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