Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cover Reveal Sign-ups!!!

   This is quite possibly the most exciting I've done yet! Seriously, I can feel my pulse speeding up. Why? I'm so very glad you want to know.
   As y'all know, I'm working on independently publishing my first book, Inkling Adventures, with help of my friend Morgan. Well.... Today, it is time for the.....

Cover Reveal!!!!!

  The sign-ups at least. Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!  sign-up if you have a blog. It's really easy. You fill out the form, I send you the needed information, and you post on the set date. If you can't do that, get a friend to or post a link back here on the reveal date. You could even offer to write the post on your friend's blog. (I'll love you forever if you do any of those.)
   Which brings me to the the reveal date. I've stressed about this for awhile but finally decided on...

June 21st

   Please do sign-up! Here's a link to the form. So sorry to take y'all off site for it. I couldn't figure out how to post it. :( But that does remind me. I might want to share the Release Date for my book.

August 16th!!!!!!

   And if anything happens and I can't publish then, the back-up date is September 12th. Also, if you choose one of the interview options on the form, please limit yourself to four questions. Please note that if you chose to do a character interview, I'll assign you a character and give you enough info about them for the questions.


  1. The form said I had to give it my email address. Is that going to you? If it is just going to you, I'm fine with that (you already have it), but I don't really want to give my email to random companies (: I do want to be a part of your cover reveal though!

  2. Who is your publisher? Or are you self-publishing?

  3. The email goes to me, and I'm self-publishing thru Amazon.