Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Upside Down Braid Bun

   I've been planning this post since before the LotR/Hobbit Series. So please forgive me while I pause to enjoy this moment.

*moment of silent pleasure*

   I know this looks incredibly hard, but all it requires is patience and practice. (Those would be the twin P's of braiding.) It's really just a Dutch braid up the back of your head.
   Plus I gives me an excuse to show y'all how to do my favorite high bun. Y'all can just read steps 13-16 for that.
   This time I'm also including a step-by-step picture for all of y'all who learn better that way. Hope it helps.

Upside Down Braid Bun

1- Brush hair to remove knots.
2- Flip your head over and brush again.
3- Pick up a medium size section of hair from the base.
4- Divide the section into three equal pieces.
5- Cross the right piece under the middle one. You now have a new right piece and a new middle piece.
6- Cross the left piece under the new middle one. You have a new middle and a new left.
7- Pick up some loose hair from the hairline and add it to the right piece.
8- Repeat step 5.
9- Add some loose hair to the left piece in the same manner you did in step 7.
10- Repeat step 6. You are now Dutch braiding.
11- Repeat steps 7-10 until you reach the crown of your head.
12- Stop adding hair and just repeat steps 5&6 to the end of the hair.
13- Ponytail the loose hair and the braid. Undo the braid if you wish.
14- Twist the ponytail. A looser twist produces a bigger bun, and a tighter twist a smaller one.
15- Make a loop out of the twist and pull the end through.
16- Tuck the end into the bun and pin.

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