Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Five Strand Braid Half-up


   So why is this week's post late too? Believe it or not, I have an even better excuse than last week's. Y'all ready for this? I STARTED SCHOOL THIS WEEK!!!!!! Cue the tears, screams, and death scenes! Actually, it's not that bad. I even get to write and publish a book for school this year. How lucky is that?

   Now that the rest of my family's doing school (I never really stopped), I have maybe five to ten minutes for my hair in the morning. I'm sure y'all have similar days. Well, this half-up is great for time-crunch mornings! However... You have to practice the stranding since it is multi-stranded. But hey! Once y'all get it down, y'all can do things like this:

The Five Strand Braid Half-up

1- Brush hair back so that there is no part-line.
2- Section off the top third to half of the hair.
3- Divide the the sectioned-off hair into five equal pieces.
4- Cross the outer right piece under the inner right piece and over the very middle piece. You now have new outer right, inner right, and very middle pieces.
5- Cross the outer left piece under the inner left piece and over the very middle piece. You now have new outer left, inner left, and very middle pieces. You are now five strand braiding.
6- Repeat steps 4&5 until you run out of hair.
7- Ponytail the braid.

   And since that was short, I can add the following ad for Morgan's next book! I've already signed up for everything!

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