Friday, July 31, 2015

Pray; Seek; Focus

   Okay, picture this: I'm downstairs at the coffee table, working on research notes for my next book. Two feet from me, Sawyer and Carter are on the Xbox. I enjoy the game they're playing, LEGO Marvel, and don't focus on my notes. I'm distracted.
   My notes were more important than their video game. I'd need them soon, but I'd never need the game. In the same way, Christians can become distracted from what we need, God, and become more interested in things we'll never need. It's a very common, God has a very simple solution. Pray.
   Pray and ask God for help, then seek to focus on Him. Seek Him. If you do, the things of this world will quickly fade away. 
   Focusing on Him is a battle to be fought daily. Prayer is our weapon, and God is our shield These two will never fail. With them, we can on Him.
   Pray; seek; focus.

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