Thursday, August 13, 2015

Quick & Easy Rope Braid, 5 Ways

     I am soooo sorry about not posting last week. Really, I am! I've been looking forward to Braid Month all summer, and when it's finally time, I don't post. How lame am I? 
  Today's braid is from Twist Me Pretty, a website where y'all will find cute hairstyles, sweet decorating ideas, and modest clothing inspiration. (She doesn't even wear short shorts or low-cut tops!) If you use Pinterest for hair ideas, you've probably seen Abby from . The braid is shown five different ways. How's that for a hair-raising bonus? Am I forgiven now? 

Rope Braid, Five Ways

1- Brush hair & make a deep side-part. From beside the part-line, pick up 2 pieces of hair. twist each piece clockwise for about 2 inches. Wrap the pieces around each other counter-clockwise one time. Add a little hair to the piece closest to the face, then twist each piece clockwise again. Wrap the pieces counter-clockwise again. Continue to add hair, twist, and wrap until you've added as much hair as you want to. Then just twist and wrap. Once that's done, secure with a small ponytail holder.
2- Style way 1. Pull the rope braid back, and hid the end under some hair. Pin in place.
3- Style way 1. Pull the braid and rest of hair into a ponytail. For a more polished look, wrap a piece of hair around the holder, hiding it, and pin in place.
4- Style way 1. Pull braid and rest of hair into a loose messy bun.
5-  Style way 1, but this time use a middle-part & make two. Pull both braids back, and secure with one ponytail holder.
  If you need any help, just leave a comment. Happy Hairstyling! 

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