Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Faux Crown Braid

   If you've been on any website that's hair related, you've probably seen crown braids. They're beautiful styles, though they are a bit complicated. I can crown braid several different ways, and today's braid is the easiest of them all and works with various hair lengths. Do it slightly messy. Then no one will know that you faked it.
   The picture I've used is originally from Hair Romance, a great site. Christina is a curly-haired Aussie who does amazing tutorials for all skill levels. I've been using her site for a looonnngg time now and absolutely love her curly hairstyles.

The Faux Crown Braid

1- Brush hair thoroughly.
2- Roughly part hair in the middle. Start at the forehead & go all the way to your neck.
3- Starting at one ear, go up & over to part hair roughly all the way to the other ear.
4- Ponytail each of the four sections. Don't ponytail too tightly, and keep the placement even.
5- Braid each ponytail. To braid: divide hair into three even pieces, cross the right over the middle, then the left over the new middle, and repeat.
6- Secure the braids with small holders that match your hair color or is clear.
7- S-T-R-E-T-C-H out the braids by pulling on them.
8- Wrap the 1st braid around to the next braid & pin in place. Be sure to hide the end.
9- Repeat with the remaining braids.

   What do y'all think? Is it easy enough for y'all? Will you try it? If you do, be sure to tell me.If you need help or have a hair style suggestion, just leave me a comment, Okay?
Happy Hairstyling!
(P.S. What if you fishtail braided the braids? Don't y'all think that would be AWESOME!)

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