Monday, September 14, 2015

10 Things Y'all Probably Didn't Know About Me

  Hope Y'all had a great summer, are slipping easily back into the school routine, and that my posts brightened your summer a little bit. If they did, I'm so glad. It's so hard to believe that my blog is almost a year old already. I've been so amazed that people would actually read the kooky, wacky stuff I write. Speaking of kooky and wacky, get ready for some more!  

1- I wrote my first book at age 5. I dictated it to my mom, and it was about  Sleeping Beauty except Maleficent was the princess's mother.

2- That book was entitled A Moriah Book. I know, so original.

3- For the first nine years of my life I had no younger sisters. So I wasn't exactly a girly-girl, and the fact that my closest sister wasn't either didn't help.

4- My favorite Disney Princesses are Belle, Aurora, and Rapunzel. I also like Frozen's Elsa, but she's a queen.

5- Isaiah is my favorite book of the Bible. You can pretty much teach on any subject using it. 

6- Dutch Braids are my go-to braids. What can I say? They're A-M-AZ-I-N-G!!!

7- I'm really good with Legos. Ask my brothers; we've made some awesome creations together.

8- I'd wear flip-flops year-around if I could. Comfortable, inexpensive, and go with EVERYTHING, what more can be said?

9- I've used heat on my hair less than twenty times. I can curl and straighten perfectly, but it isn't worth the hassle. Plus, my hair is naturally curly.

10- I use to hate Lord of the Rings. Gollum gave me nightmares, and as a result I would have nothing to do with it at all.

   So which did y'all know? How many surprised you? Any revelations about how weird I really am? 


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  2. What do you like most about the book of Isaiah? How has God revealed Himself through reading?

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