Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Braid for a Friend

   Today's post is for my friend, Mary-Beth. Mary-Beth is the biggest fan of Disney's Frozen that I know; so I thought I'd surprise her with this post of Elsa's messy French braid.

Elsa's Messy French Braid

Prep: You'll need dirty hair for this one. You may also want to curl your hair-ends outward to prevent spiky ends from sticking out.

1- Brush hair thoroughly. You may want to brush it so that you have no part.
2- Lift up the hair on the top of your head.
3- Carefully hairspray the underside of that chunk of hair. You'll need to use a good amount of spray.
4- Using a comb or bristle brush, begin teasing the sprayed hair. To tease start at the top of the hair & comb/brush downwards. Once you reach the bottom, carefully the comb/brush out of the hair. DO NOT push it back to the top. NEVER go up & down when teasing.
5- Repeat step 4 until you have plenty of volume. You need to achieve the 'cartoon look'.
6- Once you're satisfied with the volume, bring the teased hair down. Check to make sure the teasing can't be seen from the top. Smooth any places where it can be.
7- Begin French braiding. To French braid pick up the top section of your hair (that'll probably be the section you teased). Divide the section into 3 pieces. Cross the right piece over the middle one. Then cross the left piece over the new middle. Add some loose hair to the new right piece & cross it over the new middle. Then add some loose to the new left piece & cross it over the newest middle. Repeat the last 2 steps 'til you run out of loose hair to add. Be sure to braid loosely so you don't crush the volume & so that's messy. 
8- Once you do run out of loose hair, finish with a loose basic braid.
9-  Pull out some wisps of hair around your face, then go back. (You may want to keep the wisps from falling in your face using hairspray, gel, or smoothing cream.) S-T-R-E-T-C-H  O-U-T the braid including the Frenched part. To stretch simply pull on the sides
10- Flip the braid onto your shoulder & you're done!

Variations: If your hair isn't long enough for the side-braid, simply let it hang down your back. Don't be discouraged if your hair isn't long enough even for that. Pull it into a loose ponytail instead & flip the end onto your shoulders if that's possible.

   What do y'all think? Can you do it? I know it sounds complicated, but it really isn't. I just went into great detail so that y'all will have the best chance.
   If y'all have any suggestions for tutorials, I want to hear them! Leave a comment and tell me, be it a movie-style or not. Also if you need help, I'll try to .
Happy Hairstyling!

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