Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"All Children, Except One, Grow Up"

   That is of course the opening line to J.M. Barrie's classic book, Peter Pan. This ageless story tells of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling's adventures in the wondrous Neverland with Peter Pan. Unlike in the Disney movie, their adventures together are deadly and thrilling. Peter, though brave, is often childish and quite full of himself, but that does nothing to take away from magic of this tale. It is available herehere, or here. You can also check it out  here.
Things for Writers to Note:
1.) Style is readable, well written, and original.
2.) Characters are believable and constant but not predictable.
3.) Memorable villain is very cruel and not over done.
4.) The villain also has his own fear.

   I forgot to mention it last time, but each 'Books' post will now also include a Writing Challenge. Each challenge is to be completed by y'all before the next 'Books' post, and I'll be trying to do the same. If you complete it, please leave a comment telling me so. Also, please feel free to share or repost each challenge. Ready for this?
Writing Challenge One: Use the color orange in an unusual way. That means no food, no clothes, no fire, and no sunsets.
Have fun, and be sure to rate this post below!

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