Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Galadriel's Waves

   You don't have to be a Lord of the Rings fan to admire Galadriel's perfect hair. Long, wavy, beautiful. What more do you want? 

   Today, I'll help you make those very waves. There are two methods for y'all to use, a non-heat and a heat. The heat method is quicker, but the non-heat is less damaging. So take your pick. If you have long, blond hair, I insist you try at least one of them!

Galadriel's Waves

Non-Heat Method:
1- Wash your hair as normal.
2- Comb your hair gently and remove all knots.
3- Add a cream, mousse, or gel thoroughly throughout your hair.
4- Divide hair into three equal sections, right, left, and back.
5- Divide the right section in half so that you have a top and bottom.
6- Loosely braid the bottom section and then the top one. (You want to braid super loosely. Remember Galadriel's waves are very soft.)
7- Repeat steps 5&6 on the left section.
8- Repeat steps 5&6 on the back section.
9- Allow the braids to dry completely. You may want to sleep with them in.
10- Take down braids and shake hair gently to break up clumps.

Heat Method:
1- Plug in straightening iron.
2- Lightly spray dry hair with hairspray.
3- Perform steps 4-8.
4- Run straightener slowly over each braid. Repeat if necessary.
5- Take down braids and gently shake loose hair.
6- Repeat step 3 and leave braids in for at least 20 minutes.
7- Take braids down.

   So there y'all go. Piece of free advice, don't use the non-heat method if you have brothers. You'd never hear the end of it. ;) Sadly though, that is the better of the two methods.

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