Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Blog Tour

No, I'm not back to posting regularly, But I couldn't miss the blog tour for Morgan's last Time Captives book. Here's the schedule.

Monday, November 7th

·        Tour Introduction at Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
·        Book Review at Sarah Allerding
·        Book Review at Written Rest
·        Character Interview at Jenelle Schmidt ~ Rae
·        Character Spotlight at Bring Your Own Books ~ Toarna
·        Character Spotlight at However Improbable ~ Jill Hubbard

Tuesday, November 8th

·        Book Review at ReadingAnyone
·        Book Review at Books, Braids, and Born Again
·        Character Interview at Bring Your Own Books ~ Jill Hubbard
·        Character Spotlight at Jaye L. Knight ~ Allan Hubbard
·        The End of This Story and the Beginning of All the Others at Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

Wednesday, November 9th

·        Book Review and Author Interview at Reflections of the Heart
·        Author Interview at Bookish Orchestrations
·        Character Interview at Knitted by God’s Plan ~ Samantha Hubbard
·         Character Spotlight at HOPE Through the Pages ~ Ariela
·         You Might Also Like… at Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

Thursday, November 10th
·        Book Review at Scattered Journal Pages
·        Author Interview at The Overactive Imagination
·        Author Interview at The Epic Place
·        Character Interview at Books, Braids, and Born Again ~ Jonathan Hubbard
·        Character Interview at HOPE Through the Pages ~George Hubbard
·        The Effects of Writing at Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

Friday, November 11th
·        Book Review at Bring Your Own Books
·        Author Interview at HOPE Through the Pages
·        Character Spotlight at Written Rest ~ Connor
·        Character Spotlight at Leah’s Bookshelf ~ Jonathan Hubbard
·        Character Q&A at Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

Saturday, November 12th

·        Book Review at Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings
·        Book Review at O. Scarlett! Reviews
·        Character Interview at The Epic Place ~ Theodore Hubbard
·        Character Spotlight at Bookish Orchestrations ~ Thomas Hubbard
·        Writing Forward at Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

Monday, November 14th

·        Tour Recap at Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

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