Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review of Cannig Castle

I have read all of Morgan's books, and Cannig Castle is her best. She masterfully ties the threads into a complex knot of a climax. Though I'd say that the biggest knot was in my stomach as I watched Eleanor accepted her past, Adriel risk everything, and Jonathan lead troops. Then it all came together to rip me apart emotionally. I loved it.
   Since Crieghton Hill, I've wondered how the Hubbards' story would end. Buut I never saw it coming. Morgan beautifully brought closure but still left openings for new books. (Hint, hint.) And, oh! How my fan-girl was messed with. Teasing, teasing author!
   All in all, Cannig Castle is a fastinating read for all ages. Now I just need Morgan's next book.

Be sure to check in Thursday for my interview with Jonathan Hubbard.


  1. Thanks for the review! So glad you liked the book, even if it hurt your feels. ;)