Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Y'all's Christmas Present

So I'd been trying to think of what to do about Christmas and my blog. Then it hit me. Why not do a post of snippets from Inkling Adventures? So that's what I'm doing! Enjoy.😸


Hazel laughed cruelly. "Well... I was just wondering what your mom would think of her replacement."
"Ooh!" Hazel's friends exclaimed.
"Aunt Helen isn't a replacement for Mom," I said, gritting my teeth.
"Of course she isn't," Hazel replied. "Who'd want to replace a mom who does even have the guts to live? I mean, really."

“I knew you’d find out sooner or later. If you didn’t, I would’ve told you in a few years,” Dad said, then asked, “How much do you know?”

I counted off on my fingers. “You and Mom were Inklings – but I’m not sure what that means – the real reason Mom died, and that elves exist. That’s about it.”

Elflings shall hear the call;
The Black forever shall fall.
Deepest dark they will face,
Seeking to defeat evil’s race.

“You’re as bad as my dad,” I muttered. “God made us but no longer cares about us.”
“If you indeed believe that to be true, then your life lacks much truth in it,” Nelacra sadly said. “For you are wrong. God cares for you in ways you will never imagine.”
I didn’t answer her, but I didn’t believe her either.

Darkness met my eyes when I opened them again. Something woke me. what was it?
I lay still and listened. Then I heard it. A voice calling my name.
The voice came from nearby. It sounded familiar, and the tone urgent.

I swallowed. “Is that all?” I attempted to say the words jokingly and mask my fear.
“No,” said Lamsor gravely. “There is Zaltin the Black as well.”
"Oh, yeah. Him," I said. He's the one who has Dad. He's the one who has to pay.

We were face to face with the remaining Night Wizard.
He was a tall figure, dressed in silver. Writing in a foreign language covered his robes. But what unsettled me most was his smile. It seemed friendly yet cold at the same time.
The smile of death, I thought and then realized what that meant.

The judge turned to Mr. Inndigo. “Do you wish to cross-examine the witness?”
“I do, your honor,” he answered promptly.
Mr. Inndigo stood and walked towards me.
I grinned. Yep, I was right. It's Daynin. A wizard for a lawyer, not bad.


And that's it! Hope y'all have a merry Christmas.


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  1. Awesome! Can't wait till the whole thing is ready to read!! I miss you!