Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Modern-day Psalm

Yes, I live. I disappeared for over a month, but I'm back now. Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of things and start posting regularly. But on to the psalm!


I praise You
      because You have saved me;
   I worship You because You
      have redeemed me.
I was sentenced to Hell,
   but You brought me
      to Heaven.
My sins were killing my soul,
   but You have healed it of them.

Satan pursued me;
   His demons sought me life.
I called on You, and
   You heard my cry.
You rebuked the Devil
      and scattered His servants.

You protected me
      because You love me.
You carried me to safety;
    my soul will not fear.
You brought me
      to a strong refuge;
    my heart will not be afraid.

Let the forest sing;
   let the rivers rejoice.
Let the mountains cry out
      and let the oceans shout
God has done wonderful things;
   He has shown His greatness.
No one can match Min;
   He is beyond all mankind.

Though princes plan
     and warriors fight,
   He is the One
      who directs the earth.
Though they wage war,
      He will decide the victory.
Mankind is nothing,
      a piece of ash vanished
         with the breeze.
   It is gone in an instant.

But He sees us.
   For us, He cares.
He looks down from on high
      and saves us from death.
He reaches forth

      and redeems us.

For this, praise Him.
   I will praise till life leaves me.

I will worship
      until death takes me.


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