Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Stories Behind the Story ~ The Write it Right Series Pt. 3

So it acquired to me that I completely skip a month's worth of news last post, and that's a no-no. Allow me to fix that.

  • My family did a electronics fast which is why I didn't post.
  • I sighed up for Joni and Friends Family Retreat. It's July 22-27 (I think?), but I still have to raise 82% of my funds. Prayers please! And jobs if you've got them.
  • I moved the publishing month for Inkling Adventures back from September to November.
  • My closet was finished. A huge blessing for Noelle, Norah Beth, and I.

Now on to the post.


So far in this series, we've explored our characters for who they are and who they will be. now it's time for us to discover who they were. Time to learn their backstory.
   For example, Minnew of  my WIP Inkling Adventures was blissfully happy before her forming event (more on those later). Now she's constantly fearful. See how that worked? She was one thing, something happened, and she changed.
   That's the importance of backstory. It shapes characters and brings them to life. In my experience, more interesting backstory = more interesting character too.
   So how do we learn backstory? That comes differently for Different characters. Priss' came with the book idea while Rihnele's was a random decision. Lamsor's backstory came from Zaltin's, but I had to work hard for Minnew's.
    Yes, you say, but how? Honestly, they all come from the story. They need to effect to the plot somehow and/or the theme(s). So there's some starting places. Connecting to the villain is also good. there's another place to begin.
   I've also used questionnaires and interviews. Sometimes they work; sometimes they don't. I have recently discovered that simply asking myself questions about characters and writing down the answers is helpful.
   Again these are just tricks I've picked up. They are everything about backstory.

Do you have any tips? What works for you?


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